Value chain overview

VaultN offers the technology infrastructure that enables businesses to store, manage, track and deliver their digital inventory in real-time.

Why VaultN

VaultN gives publishers control of who sells their content and products, where they are distributed, and how their products are promoted

VaultN enables aggregators to focus on their customer service levels and eliminates the distractions of supply chain and infrastructure challenges

VaultN solves stock, security, and sales reporting challenges for all partners within its network, though enabling ‘real-time’ visibility of a digital product wherever it sits within the value chain.

Service the full supply chain


Build your games, not your workload:

“With VaultN, you are able to connect with new supply chain partners, establish contract terms, control code key distribution through to activation, and access rich data with real-time reporting.” 

VaultN is a turnkey, cloud secure B2B digital supply chain platform, using an open API to ensure ease of on-boarding and integration, creating a single place for all partner interactions, with automated processes built in.

VaultN offers a  traceable platform using block-chain  ledger to remove issues like manual errors and duplicate keys etc, and give you full control of your keys (visible ONLY to you) from distribution to activation by the end user. Keys can even be revoked if necessary, via the platform.


Control who sells your games, where and how it is promoted:

VaultN can enhance your bottom line by giving you the choice of who sells your games, where and how it is promoted.”

VaultN is a secure cloud-based B2B digital supply chain platform using an open API to ensure ease of on-boarding and integration with your existing systems to create one single place for all partner interactions, with automated processes built in. 

VaultN offers efficiency, scalability and relationship management benefits along with the benefits of real-time sales data.

VaultN is a traceable platform using block-chain as a ledger to remove historical issues like human error and duplication, and offers full control of your keys (visible solely to you) at every stage of the value chain through to delivery to the End User.


Focus on service and marketing, not on supply chain infrastructure issues:

VaultN’s automated on-boarding and traceable platform enable your operational resources to focus on supporting and servicing customers, not resolving supply chain issues.”

Using an open API to ensure ease of integration with existing systems, VaultN’s  Digital Supply Chain Platform helps you to maximise your games distribution process effortlessly and at no cost, and to standardise your interactions with all publishers.

So as well as the benefit of ‘one integration fits all publishers,’ you also benefit in terms of  time, scalability and service level benefits alongside real-time sales reporting.

Based upon Blockchain, VaultN is secure, effective and market leading in terms of the control and functionality that it offers


Access a broad range of content securely, easily, and speedily:

“VaultN offers a robust and secure solution for the management and distribution of digital games and software products.  VaultN offers real-time control and visibility, enabling seamless transfer between partners to ensure customer offer and experience is optimal.”

The Vault Network is working with Microsoft for Startups, a global program providing technology and business support designed to help B2B startups quickly scale.

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